Now days it sees like everyone has a web site. . . or is planning one. But, when you planned the cost of your web site, somehow you forgot to figure into the cost that it will need to be maintained. So, you are happy that you finally have an on-line presence; and inexpensively too! How inexpensive is it really? So, here you are a few months down the road and you need to add a new service, edit your contact info, or just simply change some copy or swap out a photo or two? What are you going to spend now to hire someone to update your site (hopefully the same person who designed your site)?
One of the Keys to a successful web site is Change!
The best solution would be for you or someone on your staff (preferably not a specialist) that can keep your web site current and useful. Netgains by design specializes in building web site applications that you maintain yourself. If you can fill out a form on a web page, you already have what it takes to maintain your own site! Our web design services are professionally planned and executed with ease of use our primary objective. By maintaining your site in-house, you will have no maintenance fees to inflate the cost of your inexpensive site. You can update the web site on your schedule.
After all, its your business and your schedule, why trust it to someone else?
Netgains by design is a specialist in web application development. From a simple brochure to complex e-commerce solutions, we build them to your needs; and make it fast and easy to use. Your web site is supposed to generate business, not take your valuable time away from running your business. We provide all the tools you need to manage your content, photos, sales and inventory. Every site we build is search engine optimized and includes the tools you need to get it ranked in the search engines.